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  • Hands on one on one training at the shooting range.
    1 hr
    65 US dollars
  • Hands on training at the shooting range for two people.
    1 hr
    115 US dollars
  • Couple's date session at the range.
    1 hr
    120 US dollars
  • Hands on training at the range for groups up to eight people.
    2 hr
    55 US dollars
  • Firearm safety and defense class for first time gun owners.
    Sat2 hr 14 min
    130 US dollars
  • How to properly and safely clean your firearm.
    40 US dollars
  • Firearm Safety class for children ages 13-17
    75 US dollars
  • Safety and training session for children ages 13-17
    1 hr
    55 US dollars
  • This event is for us to celebrate Juneteenth and National Range Day!
    35 US dollars
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